Final Project: User Testing

Even though my project is still missing its hardware component as well as refined visuals, having my friend (who didn’t know what my project was about) come test it out gave rise to some incredibly useful feedback. Here are some of the things I learned and plan to work on:

  1. My project is about Carnatic music, but not many people at this school are aware of what that is, and even if they are, would probably not be able to tell that the project is in fact based off the raga system. My user felt that without context, the project was confusing and vague.
  2. To this end, she suggested making an informational page in the beginning of the project, helping people understand situate the project in some sort of context.
  3. My user also suggested that I label the parts of the musical instrument, but on understanding that I was planning to create a keyboard-like structure for the instrument, she thought that it might need lesser labelling than she originally thought.
  4. She also thought that my visuals were random and confusing, and suggested that the visuals have more to do with the physical input that the user is doing. In line with that, I have changed my visuals to reflect the exact position of the key that the user is pressing at any given moment.

I hope to conduct another round of user testing once my hardware part is done, which would then hopefully result in a more refined and user-friendly project.