Response: Computer Vision

Computer vision is a dynamic field of computer science that is actively improving our lives and the technologies we use. Accessibility of computer vision is becoming more and more important to people who are working on projects that utilize it. While working on my project this week – I found so many libraries that allow people to do things like facial recognition with just a few lines of code.
This paper showed the various ways creative coding and computer vision techniques intersect to be able to create endless projects. Computer vision seems to really help create an interactive and immersive experience. This reminds me of the readings and conversations we’ve had in class about making interactivity about more than just touch. Now we could use anything from blinking, smiling, or other facial expressions, or even movements, and the colors around us in day to day life to create an experience that is interactive in non-conventional ways.
One popular application of computer vision is the snapchat filters that have become wildly popular. For many teenagers, computer vision has become a part of their daily lives without them even realizing it.