Silly Filters :)

For this assignment I decided to just do something silly. Inspired by snapchat filters, I embarked on creating my own. However, since I do not know how to detect faces using Processing, I decided to use physical stickers of bright colors as detection points. What happens is this: the user puts on two stickers of different colors, one on their forehead, and one in the middle of their neck. Then, when they use my filters, the computer first has the user select the two stickers (so the computer knows where to place certain objects later). The whole process works like this:

  1. The user is first prompted to select (by using their mouse) the “hat sticker” (the sticker on his/her forehead).
  2. The user is then prompted to select (by using their mouse) the “shirt sticker” (the sticker on his/her neck).
  3. Then, the user sees the first (of three) filters. It is a wizard cloak and wizard hat.
  4. Extra features: the user can press the up or down arrows to make the hat bigger or smaller; the user can press the left or right arrows to make the shirt bigger or smaller.
  5. The user, once satisfied with the first filter, can switch to the second filter by pressing the “Option” key. It is a Cubs baseball hat and jersey. (Again, the user can scale both the hat and shirt to the desired size.)
  6. The user, once satisfied with the second filter, can switch to the third (and final) filter by again pressing the “Option” key. It is a pair of sunglasses and a lei (flower necklace). (As usual, the user should scale the accessories accordingly.)
  7. Once the user is satisfied with the third filter, they have the option of continuing through the filters (in order) by pressing the “Option” key.
  8. Last note: if, at any point, the user would like to re-select the stickers (for example, if the user accidentally pressed something besides the sticker, which messes up the filters), the user need only to press the “Control” key.

Please excuse how funny and strange I look in these photos:

In summary, the controls are:

  • Mouse press: select the hat sticker and the shirt sticker
  • Up/down arrows: scale the hat
  • Left/right arrows: scale the shirt
  • Option key: switch to next filter
  • Control key: re-select hat sticker and shirt sticker

Overall, I am moderately pleased with the results. The filters do not look that great/realistic, but they still create a funny effect and get the point across (the third filter, the sunglasses and lei, is definitely the best though). It was really difficult to maintain the accuracy of the color selection while trying to stabilize the hats/shirts, but I did my best although the movement of the objects still bothers me a bit. Additionally, it took a long time on photoshop to get the objects right; I used a clip art man* and standard canvas size to scale all the objects, so that the initial size/placement of the objects would be the same.

*The clip art man:

The code for the project can be found here.