What Computing Means to Me

When I first decided to take Intro to IM, I did it out of curiosity. It came from a desire to learn about wires and code and how to have fun with those things, while still producing meaningful creations. I also wanted to gain some basic knowledge in computing. Computing, throughout this semester, has challenged me in every way possible. It has challenged my sense of complacency. It has challenged me mentally and emotionally, teaching me to deal with the frustrations of not knowing how to do something. It has challenged my notions of what kind of thinking is valuable, and how I can use this kind of thinking to achieve my goals. So computing, at this point, is a huge teaching moment in my life. As a primarily arts student, learning computing has led me to think in new ways about things that I have learnt in my other classes. I have started to value and cultivate a sort of thinking that is specific and logic-based. But more than anything else, I have started to understand this whole other world of computing, even in my own small way, and the various possibilities that it offers. And that is an eye-opening and wonderful thing.