The Meaning of Computing to Me Now

I came to this class not having much knowledge about the things that soon became a part of my every week. I had seen a breadboard but I hadn’t seen an Arduino, I had no idea about how you can actually CONTROL things the way you want them to work. That included writing codes which also became a normal part of the process, even though it seemed so intimidating at first. Every time we started something new it was almost like trying to read in a language I don’t know. And when I finally at least somewhat got the hang of it, we had already moved on to something new and this loop would start again. However, I have learned so much and in such a short period of time. I have firstly challenged my creativity a lot to even come up with ideas for projects. I have then learned to struggle, ask for help, keep trying and figure things out. Some of the most satisfying moments while creating projects have definitely been the ones when I finally manage to figure out something, especially if I do it on my own. Each moment like this makes me believe a little more in my abilities, even though I feel like I’m just in the very beginning of this whole new world. And you are always able to learn something in it because it just keeps expanding and advancing.

People around me have been wondering a lot this semester about what it is that I am doing and why I sometimes disappear in the IM lab for hours. I then have to reassure them that it is not some kind of a Narnia and, by explaining what we do in classes, I become more assured myself that I like being a part of the Interactive Media world and I feel like it’s a great way how to express myself and my ideas.