A Whole New Perspective – Computing Reflection

A whole new perspective – that’s what computing has brought to me, hence the title of this post. I have taken a basic python class before taking this course and although it was useful in giving me the basic skills to approach a problem from a computing point of view, it was lacking the practicability and physical aspect that this class was able to provide from minute 1 of being in the classroom. I remember being very excited at being able to make an LED blink from just pressing a button.

From then on, my understanding of computing, interaction, design and universality have expanded in ways that allow me to see beyond simple phenomenon, art pieces, touch-sensitive tools in every day life. Computing to me does not just merely stop at writing a code but it goes beyond – to creating interaction (a reaction and a response), to building up a set of signals that are understood universally by the users, to allowing the creating of new digital art and so on and so forth.

It has also allowed me to visualize a range of possibilities where they did not exist before for me. Be it from going to a restaurant and imagining how a simple art piece made out of electronics and code could complement the decor, to going to a festival and visualize how their interactive maps and information decks work. Here’s a video that I took a couple weeks ago at the Mother of the Nation festival in the Corniche of an interactive installation.

The “me” before understanding computing would simply appreciate the effects and move on but I actually stood there and tried to explain to my friends how fascinating it is!!!

Building up on that, computing has definitely made me a more attentive and imaginative person. I am getting real skills and conceptual planning capabilities that I believe are very useful especially when one has a great idea and tries to bring it to life, no matter the field or specialty. I mentioned in the beginning of class that I have always wanted to take such a class and that it because I was genuinely curious about the mechanisms between generating such applicable, interactive and scalable technologies from the comfort of a classroom setting and I am glad to say that this class has fulfilled my graduate-to-be curiosity.