Response: The Digitization of Just About Everything

I found myself nodding in agreement a lot while reading this chapter. The author offers many insights on what I think is a very important phenomenon happening that is bigger than we ever imagined – Digitization and the power of Data Analytics. There is so much information generated every second by millions of humans and this information can be used to build interdependent real-time tools that can be powerful. Waze is just an example among many others but the key attribute here is the reproduction of dynamic systems. Our decisions are better informed when they are based on real-time data, or data that accurately represents a given situation at a given time. For that to be possible however, each member of the network must contribute by sending in information which at times, might mean forfeiting something very precious: privacy. While this problem does not apply to Waze for instance since any identification is removed from the collected location data, this issue is becoming more alarming in the age of digitization. With more systems that collect AND display your location with little to no awareness from the user and other tools that can easily extract personal information from say, Facebook, our privacy is increasingly compromised. While digitization and data analytics can help us understand more of our past, present and future, it is also threathening our luxury to be unwatched or untracked. But because the benefits of digitization outweigh the luxury of privacy, technology continue to evolve into increasingly dynamic and interdependent systems.