Variability in New Media

In “The Language of New Media” the author Lev Manovich talks about the evolution of new media and how this new concept and form of media took over everything that was previously known and used. He talks about the principles of new media and one that is specifically intriguing to me is variability. “New media is characterized by variability!” What is interesting is how much variability there is in new media compared to old media. With the advancement of computers it is now possible to create almost an infinite amount of variations that can be automatically generated by a computer. For example, even in Processing one can alter their creations in so many ways that would be impossible in old media. Variability also closely connects to interactivity, as the user can create new variations of the elements used in the object. I also liked the metaphor of a map used by the author when describing scalability (a principle od variability). Basically with the automatic generation it is possible to include as much or as little detail about the object as wanted, just like a map with different scales that also provides more or less detailed information about the area. I believe that all this variability is going to continue defining new media in the future and distinguishing it from other forms of media.