Truchet Tiling inspired by Hex Variation

This week my work was inspired by the Hex Variation computer graphic art by W. Kolomojec.

I found it interesting how the work used curves and lines to create a puzzle like piece. I thought it would also be nice to play around with a bit of color in it.

My work ultimately didn’t look exactly like the original Hex Variation, but I really liked the outcome and the fact that I used a pretty simple technique to generate a cool pattern.

Here’s a screenshot of what I came up with:

To interact with the piece, click here

Overall, I really enjoyed making this and playing around with different ideas. It kind of looks like an optical illusion if you watch it for a while. There’s a link to view the source code on my page, you’ll find that the source code is quite short! Can you tell how I did this? The technique is called Truchet tiling. You might notice some familiar patterns from the computer graphics magazine!