Portrait of an Orange Juice Addict!

Yes, that’s me. My name is Arame and I am addicted to orange juice. Normal people drink 200ml of orange juice a day but I can drink up to 1.5 L. Not any kind. The 100% natural one made from REAL oranges. Proof.

          Original Picture

Here’s a picture that I sent to my friend a couple weeks ago — a symbol of true happiness.

For my portrait project, I decided to recreate this picture using Processing. Here’s the result.

                       Processing Output


Methods used

  • ellipse(), line(),rect(), triangle() and quad() to draw the juice box, table, hair, face, body and background pillars
  • arc() to draw the eyes (eyelids, iris, pupil etc)
  • vertex() and bezierVertex() to draw the eyebrows and lips


I have learned SO MUCH over the past few days while doing this project. It took a lot of research, graphing, trials and errors and finding ways to creatively create unconventional shapes to obtain this result. The hardest part was to understand the vertex and BezierVertex coordinates to draw the eyebrow and lip (I still do not fully understand the mechanism) AND duplicate the shapes (2 eyebrows, two lips). I did not get frustrated at any point (*claps*) mostly because I enjoyed the process and was genuinely curious to learn how to draw certain shapes.

I also mildly struggled with the layering and had to make compromises here and there but it all turned out fine. I came across the function curve() but did not understand how to use it or control the curve that I was drawing but it definitely would have made this task easier – for instance in drawing the hair.